Are Himalayan salt massage stones truly a cut above traditional riverbed rocks?

A huge cut above! The traditional river rocks are simply large pebbles that have been smoothed out by flowing currents. Himalayan salt rocks however come with the additional benefits of their 84 trace minerals. These rocks originate from rock salt that is 250 million years old. It is the most unpolluted and pristine salt on the planet. The intense detoxification benefits cannot be compared to regular river stone.

These stones can be used in place of traditional massage stones. This enables the user to enjoy greater therapeutic benefits including skin health. The natural exfoliating qualities of the Himalayan salt are an added bonus.

Since the pink salt minerals are capable of removing toxins trapped within the dermal cells, you can easily see how beneficial this is to your body. Natural salt craves water and therefore pulls fluids into the skin. This plumps up the skin cells and provides a refreshing and youthful appearance.

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