Are there different qualities among Himalayan salt?

Yes, there are differences in quality.  Edible Himalayan salt is produced only using the finest crystals. Usually a pale pink color as opposed to the darker pink salt used for bathing. Note: Himalayan salt blocks are also produced using 100% edible Himalayan salt. Besides seasoning food, edible salt is used to produced homeopathic remedies that have a direct contact with your mucus membranes (ears, nose, mouth and eyes) For example, you might want to make a natural eye drop solution to clear up an eye infection or ear infection, naturally. In this case, use our authentic edible Himalayan salt in our neti pot would do the trick. On the other hand, if you want to use the Himalayan salt for a soothing foot soak, ion rich bath, or a simple foot detox, then we recommend using our Himalayan salt bath products.

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