How do I take care of my Himalayan salt candle holders?

If you are gentle with your Himalayan salt candle holders, they can potentially last for decades. Since they naturally repel dust and dirt, it is effortless to keep them looking their best. In order to reap the benefits of negative ion release, it is recommended to light your candle on a daily basis. By helping to maintain a cleaner interior and charging your indoor air with negative particles on a regular basis, you will ensure a cleaner indoor breathing space. Using your candle everyday will help remove additional moisture from the air.

To maximize the lifespan of your candle, keep it in a dry location within your home. The heat of the candle will help to keep your salt crystals dried out. If however, your candle holder is exposed to an area with high humidity, damage may result. Salt naturally attracts water. If you place your candle holder in the basement or the bathroom, check on it regularly. The salt crystals can eventually melt if the environment is too wet.

Consider placing your salt candle holder on a dish, coaster or mat if you are intending to set it up on any soft or wooden surface. Do not place your candle holder on top of TV sets or on computer monitors. It is fine if they are beside these items or right next to them; however, avoid direct contact with electronic gadgets.

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