How do I use my Himalayan salt deodorant bar?

Right after your morning shower, start your day fresh by applying the Himalayan salt deodorant bar. Simply wet a tip of it by holding it under running water or dipping it in water. Apply the same way to your underarm as you would apply traditional deodorant. You will find the area initially wet similar to your regular deodorant stick. Be sure to let this dry naturally and do not wipe the fluid away. Simply allow your skin to dry prior to getting dressed.

Feel free to reapply during the day the same way when you need to. The pink salt will not leave any residual stains on your clothes. Even though you can proceed to rub the bar anywhere on the body, it works best when applied to the feet and armpit areas.

Precise Instructions For Using the Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar

  1. Wash and dry the area you wish to treat.
  2. Try to use the Himalayan salt bar right after your bath or shower.
  3. Check the salt bar to ensure it is smooth and wet an appropriate portion.
  4. Gently press or rub against the skin multiple times.
  5. Dry the bar off when you are finished using it and store in a sealed container to save it from moisture.
  6. Store your Himalayan Salt Deodorant bar in a place with no humidity or you will lessen the lifespan. It is not recommended to be kept in the bathroom.
  7. Use the bar carefully as it will crack and break if dropped on any hard surface such as the counter or the floor. These rocks are slightly heavier than your traditional deodorant. You don’t want to accidently injure your foot!

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