How to prepare a salt bath using Himalayan salt?

In order to receive all the health benefits from this amazing natural product, the concentration of salt has to be equal or more than the one of your body fluids. The correct combination is 1% salt or 1/100 (one portion per every hundred). To get the same concentration you should mix in 1.28 oz of Himalayan salt for every gallon of water. This will activate the osmotic exchange ratio (The ionic and osmotic balance is the exchange of water and salts between living things and environment).

Since most tubs take from 27-32 gallons (100 to 120 liters) of water, at least 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg.) of authentic Himalayan pink salt is required.

It is also important to remark that you should get a thermometer and ensure the water to be approximately 97° Fahrenheit (37° Celsius). Your bath will remain warm long enough due to the biophysical composition of the pink Himalayan salt. It is so strong that it causes the molecules of the water to move in a constant rhythm.

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