How to use a Himalayan salt inhaler?

Place your lips around the mouth piece of the Himalayan salt inhaler and breathe in normally then exhale through your nose. You should do this for 20 minutes every day or 3 session of 7 minutes. The first days of usage you will be able to feel a salty taste on your tongue while you inhale. It is important to mention that this original salty taste and the surplus of salt delivered to your throat and lungs while inhaling is extremely addictive and also has a very powerful and very fast relieving action to many breathing conditions. Unfortunately this delivery of surplus salt particles will gradually fade away. Some users have stated that shaking the inhaler will break the salt inside and produce more micron particles of salt therefore reproducing the effect of the first original use. On the down side, this will force micron particles of salt to get stocked and block the entry of air.

In case you decide to shake the inhaler and now air doesn’t flow through it. Just take the salt out of the inhaler and run hot water through it and test the inhaler to see if air now flows freely.

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