How to use the Himalayan salt foot detoxification blocks?

It is imperative to warm up these blocks to the correct temperature prior to using them. There are numerous methods you can rely on to achieve this. Be sure that you never dip your salt blocks in water or expose them to moisture and they will work for years. Some people prefer to use a microwave or oven to warm the blocks. Some people place them in the flames of a stove. Even though the high temperatures will not cause damage the salt the temperature of the detox blocks will rise above the point of comfort. Be careful not to burn yourself if this is your chosen method.

Try to get into the habit of touching the blocks to ensure they are the right temperature prior to using them. The surface should be hot enough for you to directly notice however, they should not be burning hot. Keep in mind the salt’s unique ability to retain the temperature it’s exposed to for a substantial time. If for example, you are using the oven, heat the blocks at 250 degrees for seven minutes. If using a microwave, approximately 1 and a half minutes should produce the perfect temperature.

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