Is there any precautionary measures I need to take into consideration when using a Himalayan salt deodorant bar?

The Himalayan pink salt is a 100% organic substance. Moisture is its biggest enemy. It does not melt the same way table salt will; however, it can disintegrate. The bar is made from a single piece of Himalayan rock salt. Note that it is not multiple pieces fused or glued together. This ensures a longer lifespan for the product; however, it also means that the Himalayan crystals are not completely smooth. They may have jagged edges after a few uses so be aware and smooth out as you go.

The best thing to do is get into the habit of rubbing the bar on your hands prior to using it under your arms. If you do notice any abrasive spots, file it down or avoid using those areas on your skin. You can use a regular nail file to smooth out any surfaces. Avoid scratching yourself by applying it gently each time.

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