Is there any side effects from salt therapy?

Approximately 500 mg of sodium is found in the 1 tsp of sole that you take each morning. This is the bare minimum required by your body. It is important to consider the additional minerals that are affluent among the Himalayan pink salt’s biochemical structure. These minerals provide a wealth of health benefits.

Avoiding salt altogether is not healthy for your body. Low salt intake can disrupt the delicate balance between potassium and sodium, which is the equation that keeps your cells within your body and hydrates your organs. If you had no sodium, your body would become starved for water.

The important factor is to obtain your sodium from a natural source. You don’t want to ingest any salt that has been poisoned or polluted by additives and chemical waste. For example, commercial table salt has 2 % chemical content; particularly anti-caking agents and bleaching.

Choosing to season your food with pink Himalayan salt will provide your body with essential minerals including sodium and potassium in their natural, healthy states. There is no need to cut salt out of your life. Simply replace your regular table salt with pink edible salt.

Medical professionals suggest taking 6 to 8 each day is good for health and does not pose any health concerns. Using Himalayan pink salt will allow you not to have any side effects to worry about unless you decide to go over that amount.

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