What are Flugon Vials?

Flugon val adds a healthy shot to your Himalayan salt inhalers! These delicate glass vials contain an aromatic blend of herbal oils that are known to offer relief from pulmonary and respiratory tract congestion. You simply pour the contents of the tiny bottle inside of your Himalayan salt inhaler. The salt absorbs the oils. As you inhale, you will receive the combined benefits of the essential oils and the pink rock salt.

Our highly specialized blend of oils in our Flugon vial induces a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Some of the oils are derived from herbs with adaptogenic properties. These oils help to keep the immune system strong. The inhalation is extremely soothing to a sore throat due to constant coughing. Exhaling through the nose can help a ravaged nasal cavity that has become raw due to a bacterial infection.

The salt works together with the aromatherapy oils in order to facilitate a cleansing healing within the respiratory system, the lungs, the nasal cavity and the throat. You can experience a wealth of health benefits using our salt inhaler on its own or by adding a therapeutic vial of Flugon.

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