What are the differences between Himalayan salt candle holders and pink salt lamps?

Both the salt lamps and candle holders are manufactured from pure, 100% authentic Himalayan pink salt. This precious mineral originates from the Khewra mines of Pakistan where it is hand mined. This area provides the only source of pink rock salt in the world. 

The main difference between the salt lamps and the candle holders is the size and the illumination. The candle holders utilize a single tea light and require no electricity to operate. The Himalayan pink salt lamp relies on a 15 watt bulb. Therefore, you will have a much broader range of light if using the larger salt.

The heat that is generated by the bulb is significantly greater in comparison to a tea light. It is possible to obtain greater ionization benefits from a salt lamp due to the larger surface area. A greater portion of salt is exposed to the heat within the lamp application and thus, positively influences a larger space.

Candle holders still contribute to releasing negative ions inside; however, they simply affect a smaller area. The tea lights consistently need to be replaced in contrast to the salt lamp that can be left on for longer periods of time.

Great Night Light Alternative For Kid’s Bedrooms!

If you want to share the ionization benefits with your youngest family members, the Himalayan salt lamp is a better option. Many come with a dimmer switch option which is perfect for bed time. Safely enjoy all the benefits of negative ions within every room.

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