What can I do if I’m having issues drinking the sole solution due to its taste?

Pour the correct amount of Himalayan salt solution (1 tbs.) along with 1 oz of water into a shot glass. Have a normal size glass of pure spring water (16 oz) ready. Look up, open your mouth and stick your tongue out a little, pour the sole mixture right to the back of your throat while swallowing it immediately. Drink your full glass of water right after that. At the beginning it is a bit hard to drink such a salty drink so early in the morning, but the more you do it, the less you will taste the saltiness of the sole. Tip: Do not allow the sole solution to touch the top front of the tongue. That is where we have the glands that are designated to sense the sodium in foods. If you are able to bypass that, you are ready to drink sole.

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