What is a Himalayan salt block?

A Himalayan salt block is the newest, trendiest way to cook a variety of dishes.  It is a salt slab, the most common size of Himalayan salt blocks are 8″x4″x2″, 8″x8″x2″, 16″x8″x2″ and the round 5″ diameter flat plates.  If an analogy is needed, salt blocks are similar to hickory planks for BBQ’s. These forged salt blocks will absorb the heat from the fire and turns into something similar to a flatiron stove.  Once it is to your desired temperature, you can cook your favorite foods right on top of it. Amazingly, as your food is cooking, the salt block leaves behind a mild salty taste. The final outcome is almost impossible to duplicate simply by sprinkling salt on top of the food once its cooked. The secret is cooking the food right on the salt block. That is what produces the amazing taste. These salt blocks are perfect for those who love to experiment in the kitchen or those looking for a new alternative healthy way of cooking.

Here are some images that will illustrate how the salt block can be used to cook but also to serve food. Beautiful!

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