What ways can I use the Himalayan salt massage stones? 

Feel free to experiment with what feels good for you. Try using the round massage stones all over your body, including your head, temples and the face. If you are using a massage lubricant, stick to natural carrier oils such as Sweet Almond or Grapeseed oil as opposed to a lotion. Lotions are made with copious amounts of water and this can harm the salt crystals. Use your stones in a smooth up and down motion or try a circular rub.

These pink salt massage stones will transform your back massage. Since they roll exceptionally easy, these stones can be used up and down your spine. If you do any kind of self-administered reflexology or muscle massage with a tennis ball, try using the round stone instead. Sleep on the Himalayan salt ball by placing it directly under the sore muscle. Enhance lymphatic drainage and reduce any inflammation or swelling by cooling down the massage stones first.

In between foot massages, consider using the round stones on your hands. Rub the stone back and forth to stimulate the pressure points located in from the base of your hand to the tips of your fingers. Energize your acupressure points by rolling the massage ball between your palms from where your palm meets your wrist and all the way to your fingertips.

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