When is a good time to use my Himalayan salt foot detox blocks?

The majority of people think they should only be relying on their detox pads when their feet are aching. The mineral richness and the warmth of the salt blocks are extremely soothing and effective for relieving tired and sore feet. If you feel like you are running everywhere all day long, give your feet the TLC and pampering they deserve by sitting with Himalayan salt foot detox blocks.

The great news is that you can use the pink salt foot pads anytime, not just after a stressful day. Any kind of stress, be it a mental or physical situation, causes particular reactions within the body. This can eventually cause toxins to generate, similar to the exhaust fumes that are emitted from an over-taxed engine.

The physical and mental impact of these toxins within your system is counteracted by the minerals in the Himalayan salt. All the while as the detoxification process is occurring, a tremendous relaxing and soothing sensation takes place. As you soak, you additionally end up breathing in the negatively charged physicals which internally and externally relax your mind and body.

Use your Himalayan foot salt blocks before pain and discomfort set in. These blocks can be used preventatively instead. The next time you are going to watch your favorite show or a movie on TV, use your detox foot pads. Setting aside 20 to 30 minutes is adequate. Once your show is over, you will be relaxed and ready for bed.

If you wear crazy shoes or work on your feet all day long, use the Himalayan salt detox blocks to ease your pain. The detoxification of your body and the ions that are emitted in the air are a complete bonus.

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