When should I use the aroma aid vials with my Himalayan salt inhaler?

If you are seeking relief from constant pain or headaches, the Aroma Aid blends offer anti-oxidant benefits along with aromatic support. Aromatherapy oils regulate the production of certain neurochemicals inside the brain; directly impacting your vitality and mood.

Numerous aromatic compounds are capable of dulling the body’s inflammatory response. This helps many people who are highly susceptible to pain. If you are someone who dislikes taking pain killers on a regular basis, the Aroma Aid vial can give you a natural immune boost. Help yourself naturally fight off infections, flu or cold symptoms.

Strengthening your natural immunological response by using aromatherapy oils is a stark contrast to relying on traditional antibiotics. Another benefit of using a natural remedy is that you will not have to experience any of the nasty side effects that often accompany over the counter antibiotics. Essential oils are an easy and effective way to experience relief.

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