Why is it important to never exhale inside the pot?

The air we exhale contains more moisture than the air we inhale. This common phenomenon can be conducted by breathing on the windows during cold weather and intentionally fogging them up. This occurs because the cooler glass surface causes the water vapor to condense, causing a fine mist to become visible.

This is why it is not recommended to exhale into the pot. You do not want to force water vapor inside the chamber containing salt crystals as they will absorb the moisture. It is important to keep the crystals dry in order for them to function at optimum levels. Exhaling inside of the pot will only degrade their efficacy and quality.

The main goal of using the Himalayan salt inhaler is to have the salt laden air circulate throughout the respiratory system. The salt particles have a chance to circulate around your lungs and throat while leaving the sinuses and nasal cavity untouched. This is why exhaling through the nose is preferred to ensure that those raw and inflamed tissues receive this much sought after reprieve.

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