Why Should I Trade In My Normal Deodorant For Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bars?

In order to understand the full benefits of the Himalayan Salt Deodorant bar, it is necessary to understand the current products on the market and how they work. Most commercial deodorants and anti-perspire products contain harmful ingredients such as aluminum chlorohydrate and chemical fragrances. The aluminum is specifically used to block your sweat gland secretion. It is important to understand that sweating is a healthy physiological way for your body to eliminate toxins and regulate your body temperature.

Sweat is actually an odorless fluid. Due to the surrounding skin, the clothes in the vicinity and the dampness, bacteria begin to thrive in places like your arm pits where the skin naturally creases. It is these microorganisms that lead to the stench of body odor.

Studies show that bathing is unable to control the bacteria for approximately more than an hour. This is why millions of people apply their traditional under arm products ritualistically every morning. However, the use of aluminum has become a key factor in the increase of breast cancer. Aluminum itself is known to be a carcinogenic.

If you are tired of compromising your health in order to smell socially acceptable; fear not! The Himalayan salt bars do not interfere with the lymphatic system and are completely 100% natural and safe.

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