Would the sole solution provide too much salt?

The human body requires approximately 500 milligrams of salt each day. This amount translates to 1/4th tsp of Himalayan rock salt. The USFDA states that ingesting 2500 milligrams of salt each day is safe as long as you don’t exceed this level.

The majority of North Americans ingest much higher quantities of salt than the prescribed amount. This is a contributing factor to the high instances of cardiovascular disease and hyper tension. Himalayan pink salt actually contains a lower amount of sodium compared to traditional table salt. As well, it becomes absorbed easier by the body thanks to its natural elements.

Pink Himalayan rock salt helps to remove particular deposits of regular salt that is stored in numerous cells and organs. The exact salt per day requirement varies from person to person; however, Himalayan salt can be used freely in comparison to refined salt which is a mixture of sodium and chemical additives.

By taking 1 tsp of sole every morning, you bathe your cells with the biophysical elements of the crystals and the nutrients they contain. Amazingly, the body tends to resonate with the salt crystal frequency for a full day or 24 hour period. The high mineral content helps to keep you energized and enhances your vitality. If you have high blood pressure (hypertension) or are on dialysis, sole therapy is not recommended as it is vital to restrict your salt intake as much as you can.

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