Himalayan Salt Reviews

Robert E.F.

My wife has been coughing for 5 weeks. She was unable to get a good night sleep and was taking different allergy, mucus,and nasal medications. My brother told us his daughter stopped coughing the first night they tried their Himalayan salt lamp. So I picked up 5 the next day. My wife purposely did not take her over the counter medicine as a test. She got her first nights sleep with out a single cough. I slept just as well with minimal allergy problems until I left the room where the salt lamp was, then my allergies got worse. I’m a believer.

Amber C.

I was looking on the Internet for something totally different for my husband’s birthday. I came across your site and knew at once he would love it. He does. And my friend loved it so much that I am giving one Himalayan salt lamp to her also. Thank your for your fine products.

Patricia M.

Just wanted to let you know I love my Himalayan salt lamp! I have had it in my bedroom for over a week and no dust on the furniture! I also feel like I can breathe better! Thanks

Roberta G.

Hello, I don’t normally write testimonials (like at all) but I really feel this products warrants doing so. If only one other person reads this and tries this amazing product and receives its benefits, then it was certainly worth my time signing up and commenting. This is my story: my grandmother is 90 years old and suffers from CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). After giving her a 5lb Himalayan salt lamp that she keeps by right by her night stand and therefore her head and she says she can’t believe how much better she is feeling! She says she can breath better, and the blisters on her face from the leukemia are healing and drying up faster than before. She has and increased appreciate and increased energy. I am truly grateful and thankful I have found such an amazing product and ethical company. I will definitely be buying from them again!

Lindsey B.

Awesome! My skin feels and looks so much better after I purchase the Himalita’s bath salts and enjoyed my first mineral soak bath ever. I did some research on how to get rid of cellulite and this amazing product was featured, well I tried and lo and behold, it works! I mean the cellulite isn’t completely gone, but it was drastically reduced by the fourth week of my ritual Sunday bathing. I am definitely getting one for my mom. Thanks again!

Sharon J.

I could not be happier. I have always wanted a salt lamp. I looked at many on the internet before choosing. This one looked fabulous and is quite stunning in person. Thank you for offering. And thank you for the incredibly speedy delivery!

Butch J.

The salt lamp is beautiful! Fast shipping, I would definitely order from Himalita again! Himalayan salt has wonderful therapeutic effects! This lamp is a wonderful addition to any room!

Angie K.

I bought this for a gift exchange and I’m planning on trying to win it, and if I don’t I will be buying one for myself! Beautiful and a GREAT DEAL! Fast shipping, so happy with this purchase!!!!!!


Wow are these great! I got 3 and they were each a different hue from palest peach to almost red(that one looks like a glowing heart when a light) they are great , are holiday gifts and I will probably order more really awesome!!! Love them

Andrea A.

This lamp was by far my favorite. It looks like a full moon and it’s soooooo pretty. It weighs like a bowling ball so you know it’s not just a hollow carving. I’ve seen less impressive lamps at shops going for ridiculous prices but these not only look better, the prices are great and the quality is fantastic. Pictures don’t do it justice. And this immediate calm when it’s glowing next to you is indescribably comforting. Extremely happy!

Andrea Aleman

Its so beautifully crafted. Unfortunately because shipping companies aren’t very careful, my lamp was broken upon arrival but I got a response back right away and I’ll be receiving a new one soon. The glow is so soft and peaceful and I’ve already received so many compliments in my office. Keep up the great work! I’ll be back for Christmas shopping!

**update 11/18** Leave it to good ‘ol USPS to disregard a FRAGILE sticker and beat up my package 2 times before I finally received a complete lamp thanks to FEDEX! Felt so bad putting them through all the trouble of sending a new one each time but he did it with such kindness …. SUPERB customer service to go along with an amazing creation. You guys rock! (no pun intended! … ok maybe a little… I’m just so excited!)

Jes V.

Absolutely love my lamp that I got from Himalayan Salt Lamps. It came faster than expected, is absolutely beautiful, and a great size for a great price! I will surely be ordering more so that eventually there’s one in every room of our home.

Caro B.

My order arrived sooner than expected. Always a plus. The salt has a nice feel to it. It’s a beautiful peachy-pink tone that, when plugged in, gives off a pleasing calm glow I can definitely tell that it is conditioning the air. Only one small issue with the base – a screw had fallen as I was taking it out of the packaging.

Hollie M.

Beautiful and dealing- can feel a difference in our room where it sits on my nightstand. Might have to buy more for the whole house! Only downside was the lightbulb itself did not last long at all. I’ll just stock up so I don’t run out again. Thanks so much!

Maria D.

Yes it shipped on time..Did receive it with a chip on the bowl but we turned it against the wall..Bulb burned out the next day, got more works and looks great now..GREAT Value…

Jenn D.

Lamps were beautiful and when kit they have a very calming glow. They arrived within a week of my order and were packaged well. Thank you!

Tonya S.

Received my salt rocks today. I love them! It’s now time to put my mortar and pestle to use and make rock salt in the size *I* want/need. My sister-in-law is gonna hate me though. I didn’t think things through when I ordered a 1lb of rock. This is going to make a LOT of salt! lol Luckily she uses rock salt like it’s going to be declared illegal tomorrow. Bad thing is, she has her OWN mortar and pestle, so she gets to grind her own. lol

Thank you to Authentic Himalayan salt products for speedy shipping, GREAT packaging, and a wonderful product. I WILL be a return customer! Saving up for one of their lamps next. lol

John S.

I absolutely love this!! What impressed me the most is how the owner conducted business when part of my order was damaged during shipping. They were quick to respond and now I have beautiful gifts for my son and daughter.

Erica J.

they were so generous as to send FREE salt to make sole. I’m now drinking some every morning and am so grateful for the extra minerals in my diet. In regards to the lamp :: it was leaking water and I had to place a plate underneath to catch it. Turns out salt lamps do this when they are turned off, so now I leave my on all the time. It has stopped leaking and I love it.

Courtney P.

Extremely fast free shipping. Item was packaged well so it wouldn’t break. I love my salt lamp…I’ve waited years to buy one and i’m glad i waited until i found this shop. The bag of free organic salt was a huge bonus. Will recommend to others!

A.R. Jones C.

Not only did this arrive in RECORD TIME (Super FAST shipping), but it’s substantial and simply beautiful!! The bulb was ridiculously EASY to put in the lamp! It gives off a wonderful glow…and even the dog appreciates it (he walked by it on the low table, gave it a sniff and then a lick…which he NEVER does to anything…lol)!
I am excited to try the edible pink salt that came with the lamp! Thank you SO MUCH! I will be back!!