What is Pink Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt is a term for halite (commonly known as rock salt, pink salt, Himalayan sea salt, or Himalayan crystal salt) from Pakistan which is the mineral form of sodium chloride (NaCI). This mineral rich salt is mined from the second largest mine in the world, called the Khewra Salt Mines which is located in the Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is generally mined by hand to help preserve the chemical structure It is closely located (approximately 300 km) from majestic the Himalayan Mountains which are known to contain the purest form of salt on Earth, Himalayan salt. Historically, this rare salt has been used for centuries as a trading tool. Every spring the Himalayan people would transport the salt through sloping paths, mountain edges and narrow bumpy roads to the Nepalese valleys for trade. It was an extremely important commodity as it could be traded for anything. A passage from the Romans writer (23-79AD) Plinius declared: “crystal salt is the most important remedy for mankind.”

How was this pink salt formed

250 million years ago during the Jurassic era, insurmountable pressure of the Indo-Australian tectonic plates created the Himalayan Mountains, and to this day it continues to push Tibet upwards at a rate of 2cm a year. The study of these salt deposits has revealed not only their geologic age but also the type of environment and climate in which they formed. Studies indicate that the salt crystals lived under a relatively mild, wet environment about 105 million years ago, when Tibet was closer to the equator.

During this time, the scorching sun dried up the primal Tethys Sea and left behind massive Himalayan salt beds. Simply put, these trace elements and minerals became fossilized and crystallized in the mountain over millions of years and ultimately produced is the most pristine, natural salt the world has ever known.

Himalayan Salt Products

It’s fascinating to discover that Himalayan crystal salt is identical in composition to the ancient primal ocean which ironically, has a similar composition of our blood; that is a brine solution or fluid consisting of water and salt. Himalayan salt contains all the elements found in our bodies that occur naturally for example, iron. Astoundingly, it constitutes 84 trace minerals and elements. No other product in the world can boast this fact and that’s why it was historically known as “King salt”, “salt of life”, or “white gold”, as it was only reserved for royalty. Alchemists called it “the fifth element”, besides air, water, earth, and fire – because its qualities were comparable only to ether, the actual fifth element. For the complete list of the 84 minerals, click here for our Himalayan Salt Benefits page.

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